Tucson MLS Statistics 2012 – Not Live – Not Late Breaking

Tucson MLS Statistics Reporting – The Two Minute Warning

Imagine if all sports reporting was based on what the score was at the 2 minute warning.  Winners and losers declared based not on the end of the game but on where the score was at the 2 minute warning.

Would you consider all sports reporting to be accurate based on this way of reporting?  I doubt it.

You aren’t interested in what the score was at the 2 minute warning, you want to know the score at the end.

Comparing each game then based on the 2 minute warning scores makes even less sense and as each game is played you end up with statistics that become less and less meaningful.


How the Tucson MLS Pulls Data for Reports

The morning of the Third business day after the close of the month data for the statistics report is to be pulled. (A snapshot in time).  Since  the rules state that transactions are to be entered into the system no more than two days after they close it makes sense to pull the data the morning of the third business day of the month.

But not every brokerage lives by the rules.  If they don’t they are to be fined $250 per transaction that is not reported within this two day period.  Whether this fine is being levied or not is unknown.  But those are the rules.  But as stated, not every brokerage lives by the rules.

What The Tucson MLS Used to Do About Missing Transactions

The way this issue used to be handled was when the monthly statistics data was pulled the previous month’s data was also pulled again to update any changes in the data entered.  Once the previous months data was updated the new months statistical report was put together.  This way the comparisons by percentage of increase or decrease were based on actual number for the previous month not just the snapshot.

This is no longer the practice.  What we are left with is an accurate report of what was reported, by the third business day of the next month.  NOT a report based on the reality of the data as currently in the system.

In essence it becomes the same as reporting standing based on two minute warning statistics instead of the numbers at the end of the game.

By the time we get into the Fourth quarter of the year the reports are less and less based on reality of the live data.

How Valuable are The Tucson MLS Statistics Reports?

Good question.  How valuable would reports of the NFL standings be based on Two Minute Warning Scores?

Tucson MLS Statistics Reports are not live, not late breaking.  They are numbers which should not be used to draw conclusions about the market any more than deciding which teams will play in the Super Bowl based on their teams scores at the Two Minute Warning.